Software Engineer, Photographer, Web Developer

Who is Hyup Kim?

Georgia Institute of Technology
B.S in Computer Science
  • Senior (Graduation expected on December, 2020)
  • C#, Java, HTML / CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, RazorView
  • .NET, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, Ajax, JQuery, CesiumJS
  • Korean, English
  • Loves to Create, Design, and Perform
    Ideas in mind
    via Programming

    Looking for a Software Engineer Internship for Summer 2019

    My Personal Projects

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    • Developed an IOS/Android application where users can add, delete, and edit their tasks

    • Designed a custom to-do list model with React Native and programmed the user-input saving function with importing Prop-types

    •Tested the output responsively with Expo DevTools, Xcode simulator, and Chrome Inspector

    Blog Item


    • Built a MacOS application which downloads instagram media files without quality loss

    • Programmed with Java, imported Apache Commons Lang, exported file into jar.le, and converted into a MacOS application using Property list

    • Created a streamlined workow where users can produce the output files to desktop

    Intelligent Transportation

    • Implemented client-server architechtures, wireless networks, GPS, and iBeacons to solve passenger counting and vehicle tracking problem using statistical analysis

    • Utilized on-board-devices to plug in to a standard receptacle on a vehicle and read data from sensors to report location

    • Developed a web application to track Georgia Tech’s shuttle bus, trolley

    KIYAC President (Georgia Tech)

    KIYAC stands for Korean International Young Adults' Community
    As a president of KIYAC, I prepare and lead events for over 300 Korean students in Georgia Tech with other student officers. We host 3-day event of mission trip every Fall semester and 2-day event of camping every Spring semester in order to help Korean study-abroad students to make friends and get close to each other. We also hold a special event on Korean Traditional Holiday such as 'CHUSEOK' and 'Lunar New Year' to learn about Korean history and the culture.

    Instagram Clone

    Building an Instagram Clone
    with React, React Native, Javascript


    The Merry-Go-Round of Life
    Chopin Style Arr. by Lisa Nakazono
    - Howl's moving Castle OST

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